From the Laboratory to Your Community
This marks the beginning of our business, when a group of specialists, united and inspired by the idea of turning their knowledge into real technologies and products that benefit everyone, developed a unique waste gasification technology. We developed documentation and tested the performance and efficiency of our solutions in laboratory conditions.
2015 - 2016
This period saw the manufacture and installation of the first full-size test samples of equipment. The development of design documentation, creation of a pilot test sample, calculations, and development of basic software also took place during this time.


We partnered with OPRA Turbines to create
a solution that would go beyond waste management and generate energy as well.
2017 - 2020
From 2017 to 2020, we carried out work on testing various types of waste in various modes using the test gasifier. We selected additional and auxiliary equipment and conducted tests at customers' requests. As a result, the technology was fully developed and tested. Instructions for the operation and maintenance of the equipment were developed, and the development of the automated process control system was completed.
After years of research and engineering development, we actively began marketing our waste-to-energy power plants to communities, municipalities, and industries that are seeking a profitable yet carbon-neutral solution.
2020 - 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic reduced our business activity, so UNIVASTUM's main work focused on R&D, including solutions for the production of hydrogen, fertilizers, and synthetic fuels based on our core gasification technology. During the same period, we relocated the company to Ireland.

2023 - 2024

Since 2023, UNIVASTUM has been actively working in global markets to promote its solutions in various countries around the world. In parallel, work is underway to expand the company's network of representatives, an engineering center is being created in Serbia, commercial projects are being developed, and work with investors and customers is in progress.
UNIVASTUM Members and Team