From the Laboratory to Your Community
In 2008 - Univastum (formerly known as MES Engineering, LLC) was founded and the unique gasification technology that is the foundation of our business began its development.
2014 - 2015
After 5 years of the successful, continual operation of our prototype sampling over 250 different types of waste, we recognized the opportunity for a new type of green technology.


We partnered with OPRA Turbines to create
a solution that would go beyond waste management and generate energy as well.
2017 - 2018
We finalized the technological design of our power plants, developing a solution that is mobile, modular, and more cost efficient to manufacture and deploy.
After years of research and engineering development, we began actively marketing our waste to energy power plants to communities, municipalities, and industries that are seeking a profitable yet carbon neutral solution.


Final negotiations for projects
in the Americas, Europe, and Africa.
UNIVASTUM Members and Team