Coal Mining

Coal mining is one of the most important sectors of any economy. Regardless of the way coal is mined (open in opencast mines and quarries or closed in mines), a large amount of hydrocarbon-containing waste such as coal dust, used tires of heavy dump trucks, used conveyor belts, etc. is generated during its mining.
In addition, coals itself can serve as excellent raw material for gasification.
Coal mining enterprises are constantly in need of electricity (the operation of drainage pumps, ventilation, mining equipment and flotation stations) and heat (for the drying of products, heating of the premises, water treatment).
Market Segments
Coal Mining
The Solution
The combination of high energy demand and the need for waste disposal make this industry attractive for implementing gasification projects using


Parameters: 1 Module

16,000 T
Disposal per year

1,5 - 4 MW
Electrical Capacity
3,5 - 7 GСal
Heat per hour
The modular design makes it easy to install from 1 to 5 complexes on one site.
The small area of the complex and the small size of the sanitary zone allows you to place complexes on the territory of the factory.
We can work with waste of various calories from 6 mJ.

Our Advantages & Benefits

Economic Effect
Projects payback in 3-8 years.

Health and Ecology
In the process of gasification, the system does not come in contact with the surrounding environment until the fuel is completely burned in the gas turbine.
The complex has an extremely low level of exhaust emissions, corresponding to the highest requirements of the European Union and the USA.
The complex is completely free of water and soil pollution.

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