Post-Sales Support

We believe in the long term success of our clients
and we are dedicated to providing technical, consultative,and engineering support over the lifespan of our partnership.

Global Post-Sales Support

How we can help you
24-hour Emergency Support
24/7 technical support is available for all our customers and our team will promptly support our customers to ensure minimum downtime of your equipment.
Remote Condition Monitoring
All our complexes can be equipped with an online remote monitoring system which enables correct service during an unexpected standstill. It also enables OPRA to provide preventive and corrective maintenance support.

Service Level Training Certification
We conduct on-site training of the staff during the commissioning of the complex. Additional training on several levels can be provided by UNIVASTUM. As a result, our customers have the ability to operate and maintain their equipment according to UNIVASTUM's high quality standards.
Installation and Commissioning
UNIVASTIUM provides a full installation and commissioning service until handover to our client.
Field Service and Inspections
Our service support engineers are able to fulfil all required scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, perform repairs where required, and provide recommendations to ensure that the equipment runs seamlessly and safely.

Major Overhauls
UNIVASTUM supports our customers during a major overhaul and provides all services required to maintain the equipment.

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