Wood Processing

Forests occupy 27% of the total land surface. About 3.6 billion hectares (24-27% of land) are occupied by forests on the planet.
Without exaggeration, forests are the most important factor in the ecological balance on the planet.
At the same time, wood is mankind's most valuable resource: an excellent building material and a source of valuable chemical products. Wood products are environmentally friendly and in high demand in markets around the world. Our task is to maximize the use of this resource. In wood processing, up to 45% of all raw materials go to waste. Usually this raw material is simply burned (with the release of harmful substances) or sent to a landfill. We at UNIVASTUM want to change that.
Market Segments
Wood Processing
The Solution
Wood processing waste is an excellent raw material for gasification. It is especially interesting that the energy (in the form of electricity and heat) obtained as a result of applying WARP ® GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGY can be successfully applied in the wood processing process itself. Unlike direct combustion, gasification does not produce harmful substances like phenols, dioxins and furans.


Parameters: 1 Module

16,000 T
Disposal per year

1,5 - 4 MW
Electrical Capacity
3,5 - 7 GСal
Heat per hour
The modular design makes it easy to install from 1 to 5 complexes on one site.
The small area of the complex and the small size of the sanitary zone allows you to place complexes on the territory of the factory.
We can work with waste of various calories from 6 mJ.

Our Advantages & Benefits

Economic Effect
Projects payback in 3-8 years.

Health and Ecology
In the process of gasification, the system does not come in contact with the surrounding environment until the fuel is completely burned in the gas turbine.
The complex has an extremely low level of exhaust emissions, corresponding to the highest requirements of the European Union and the USA.
The complex is completely free of water and soil pollution.

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