Water Supply

Any modern city needs an effective sewage system. It is certainly a critical infrastructure of the city. And in modern conditions, sewage treatment inevitably produces filtration sludge which accumulates in large volumes.
It is impossible to use it as fertilizer since it is most likely infected with parasites and various pathogenic flora.
In order to neutralize this waste, one must buy a large amount of active quicklime, which not only negatively affects the ecology of the region, but also leads to additional costs – and therefore to higher sewage tariffs.
This is one of the largest expenses for a wastewater treatment plant.
Market Segments
Water Supply
The Solution
Our technology makes it easy to use this waste as fuel for generating electricity, and the problem of high humidity is solved by the large amount of free heat generated by the WARP® reactor.


Parameters: 1 Module

16,000 T
Disposal per year

1,5 - 4 MW
Electrical Capacity
3,5 - 7 GСal
Heat per hour
The modular design makes it easy to install from 1 to 5 complexes on one site.
The small area of the complex and the small size of the sanitary zone allows you to place complexes on the territory of the factory.
We can work with waste of various calories from 6 mJ.

Our Advantages & Benefits

Economic Effect
Projects payback in 3-8 years.

Health and Ecology
In the process of gasification, the system does not come in contact with the surrounding environment until the fuel is completely burned in the gas turbine.
The complex has an extremely low level of exhaust emissions, corresponding to the highest requirements of the European Union and the USA.
The complex is completely free of water and soil pollution.

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